Rebranding: What to Avoid…

//Rebranding: What to Avoid…

Rebranding: What to Avoid…

  • Re-branding without a plan or strategy.

* Have creative briefing so everyone understands their roles and to remain focus

* Have reasonable timelines and deadlines

* Outline focal points

  • Never too small or young to re-brand.

* Brands needs refreshing to stay relevant small or young

* While establishing yourself always maintain ways to remain relevant

* Don’t limit yourself

  • Having the wrong Jockey (person) in charge.

* Person must have skills, knowledge and the experience

* Positive thinker and go-getter

* Never assume you got the right jockey for the job

  • One way focus.

* Don’t focus on your industry alone, it can limit you

* Involve experts from other industries

* Branching out can be a career saver

  • Thinking that re-branding costs a lot.

* Have a budget that compliments your strategy

* Use what you have

* At times students can do a better job than experts in the industry

* Use your contacts and keep them relevant


I have given 5 focal points that contribute to re-branding failure; these should be avoided by all means…

We will have a detailed discussion on each point…

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