The Established Artists Vs The Upcoming Artists

//The Established Artists Vs The Upcoming Artists

The Established Artists Vs The Upcoming Artists



People in the industry tend to say that the upcoming artists should look up to the established artists and learn from them but the question remains are the established artists open for this. Very few established artists take on an extra duty to help and groom upcoming artists even if it’s by mentoring or guiding them how to grow in the industry.


I am yet to see that because currently everyone is for themselves in the industry. But also the upcoming artists believe they are too smart and better than the established and don’t need their help… let me School you quickly. The established artists have been around for years and tested the ends of time. They have gone through all the bad and good and now know how to survive in this jungle called Entertainment Industry.


You the upcoming artist just started and trust me; you have no idea what’s awaiting you in the industry. Some people will help you succeed, some will use you and some will plot your failure. If you don’t choose the correct team who understands your dream and want to be part of the journey than trust me, they will make you fail.


As for the Established, you will lose nothing in helping the upcoming artists and sharing the traits in the industry… It’s about time we listen to both sides and grow this industry.


Kalistu R Mukoroli (Branding Strategist)

Alvaro Media Group

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