How to become an Influencer… 10 Tips

//How to become an Influencer… 10 Tips

How to become an Influencer… 10 Tips

Be seen

Becoming a content creator and creating your own community/audience, than by interacting with others, learning their needs, and helping them. With influence comes responsibility!



Engage, interact and build relationships

Build a personal brand that is authentic and transparent…and above all else, be true to yourself, passion is a key.



Persist, persist, persist

Create great content that solves pain points and work on building as much earned attention on social media that is engaged



Publish quality content, consistently

Get your work out there in as many formats as possible: written (blog posts, email newsletter, social media posts), spoken (public speaking), audio (podcast, radio show), video (live and recorded), etc. Find the platforms that most resonate with you and where you can reach most of your audience and be consistent!


Be in the (viral) moment

Make sure you are part of the conversation, or even better, leading the conversation on social when something is going viral. If you’re not part of the moment, you cannot influence it.



Create content for your buyers, not your own ego

It’s all about the buyer and not you the Influencer.



Network a lot and be approachable

Consistently grow your networks to build bigger scope and reach. One of the simplest and easiest ways to build audiences of engaged users is to constantly talk to your contacts and provide value to them, if you’re going to be an educational influencer on social media, you have to be prepared not only to receive many questions from your social followers, but to answer them as well.



Provide value

Don’t just broadcast; take the time to engage with your audience. Also, provide value and share a mixture of content include third party as well as your own that spikes a conversation, educates, and informs your audience.



Be patient and Work hard

Be patient! The best way is to slowly grow your social media community over time and build your content hub such as working hard and consistently creating interesting and useful content, as well as building an active audience.



Make mistakes and get back up

If you aren’t ok with failure and rejection, creating an influential social presence isn’t for you. The beauty of the web is the ease with which you can try again.


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