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How to become an Influencer… 10 Tips

Be seen Becoming a content creator and creating your own community/audience, than by interacting with others, learning their needs, and helping them. With influence comes responsibility!     Engage, interact and build relationships Build a personal brand that is authentic and transparent…and above all else, be true to yourself, passion is a key.     [...]

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What’s your Brand?

Branding is about so much more than what people see. It’s about how you make people feel. This message goes out to that new student at Varsity or at a new school, upcoming artist or anyone who wants to make a change. This is where you need to make sure that no one influences changes [...]

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Media relation’s are more relevant than ever…

Importance of Media Relations!!! Everyone is a reporter… Literally everyone has access to blogs, Facebook pages, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platform and this is where brands /Artists/Companies need to tread carefully around sensitive issues but be aggressive in promoting positive ones. Understanding the correct bloggers to reach out to and who to respectfully [...]

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Vacancy: Chief Brand Officer

The Chief Brand Officer is responsible for driving the growth of the brands within the company and ensuring all aspects of its marketing, strategy and goals are met. Duties: To manage all Brands under Alvaro Media Group. Analyzing the brands and current strategy and highlighting areas of weaknesses or conflicting messages. Creating a brand plan [...]

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A year to cash in…

I think most if not everyone is happy that 2016 is came to an end... 2017 started and now we are in mid 2017... I personally think 2016 tested our strength and personality. Its either you went through to the end or just gave up. We fought and made up time and again. I think [...]

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Rebranding: What to Avoid…

Re-branding without a plan or strategy. * Have creative briefing so everyone understands their roles and to remain focus * Have reasonable timelines and deadlines * Outline focal points Never too small or young to re-brand. * Brands needs refreshing to stay relevant small or young * While establishing yourself always maintain ways to remain [...]

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